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Military Ship

Frigate Bergamini

  • Client: Italian Navy



The FREMM program is a collaborative project of the Italian-French defense industries that aims to develop a new class of frigates, having a shared starting base but featuring “national” differences depending on different operational requirements. The units for the Italian Navy are being built at Fincantieri’s integrated shipyard in Riva Trigoso-Muggiano. The ships have a full-load displacement of about 6,500 tons, an overall length of about 144 meters, and a speed in excess of 27 knots.

The ships’ range reaches 45 continuous days and 6,000 miles at a speed of 15 knots; the units can perform the function of CTG (Commander Task Group) command ships. The units are designed and built following RINAMIL regulations The propulsion system has a CODLAG configuration consisting of a gas turbine, two reversible electric motors, C.P. propellers, and four diesel generators. Both versions (GP and ASW) have a hull-mounted sonar set in a dedicated forward bulb. The ASW version has towed sonar sensors and embarks two 76/62 mm Strales guns. The GP version features two high-performance RHIBs and a 127/64 mm cannon, with a Vulcano system, to replace the 76/62 forward. Both versions have dual hangars for two SH90-type helicopters or 1 SH90+1 EH101.