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A thirty-year history

World Painting® originates from the Gianfardoni family, which has been deeply rooted in the naval sector for years, working for the world’s most prominent Shipowners.
The demonstrated professionalism enables World Painting to position itself as the leading Italian company in naval and industrial preparation and painting activities.

The exponential growth over the years allows the company to enhance its technological capabilities and installation capacities, achieved through constant acquisition of cutting-edge equipment, shaping its remarkable know-how and solidifying its stance as a sector leader.

World Painting azienda
World Painting azienda



World Painting is the primary contractor for all ship constructions for the Italian Navy. Building on this trust, the company also takes on contracts for foreign naval forces, such as the C.6220 Abu Dhabi, C.6235 Algerian Navy, and C.6186 Fleet Tanker for the Indian Navy.

Over the years, World Painting has expanded its operations, opening new shipyards in Morocco, Spain, and Angola (at the request of the Prime Minister).



Our portfolio boasts many significant jobs for Fincantieri: between 2010 and 2015, we contributed to constructing two 150-meter super yachts. In 2015, we executed Fremm orders for the Italian Navy, Viking Cruises, Regent, and Silver.


Our growth has been marked by significant work milestones, demonstrating that passion for our work, professionalism, and quality have generated loyal commercial relationships with the largest civil / military and industrial transport owners.

We are the primary company for all constructions of Italian Navy Ships, to the extent that commissions from foreign Navies have been carried out by us (such as C.6220 Abu Dhabi, C.6235 Algerian Navy, C.6186 Fleet Tanker for Indian Navy).

Over the years, we have had Shipyards in Morocco, Spain, and Angola (in Angola for the Prime Minister).

World Painting has also performed work in both the Industrial and Off-Shore sectors by completing the Gorgon Project with three modules for Nuovo Pignone Company. Over the years, World Painting has worked on various oil platform projects.

So far, we have intervened in more than 250 vessels, including refitting and new constructions, demonstrating our leadership in the industry. We want to emphasize that there have never been disputes or issues related to poorly executed projects with any company.

World Painting®

Professional Services


Our professionalism and the latest technologies allow us to excel in painting operations. Our highly trained staff, operating within our shipyards, carries out all phases of painting and refitting interventions with exceptional skill and expertise.


World Painting® assures its customers of the highest quality craftsmanship available, delivered by our highly qualified and specialized team who undergo continuous technical training.

Steel Work

World Painting® has a team of highly skilled carpenters and welders certified by various classification bodies. Stringent market standards require us to maintain continuous staff training.


For over 30 years, World Painting® has been present in the market with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Our mastery in pursuing perfection has defined the most significant milestones in our history on a national and international level.

Dry-dock boats

We have dry docks to cope with any work, to enable any repair or maintenance of ships in the dry, especially the restoration of hulls and other parts of the hull located below the waterline.


World Painting® boasts a fleet of EU and ATEX-compliant equipment essential for our operations, encompassing over 40 state-of-the-art aerial platforms. We fully adhere to quality and safety standards, backed by certifications such as 14001, 18001, and 9001:2008.

Insulation and Isolation

World Painting S.r.l. stands for excellence in insulation, including a wide range of customised solutions for bulkheadsdecks and piping. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in the technical specifications we adopt for each project. We offer a variety of thermalacoustic and fire insulation, adapted to the individual needs of our customers.


To meet the specific needs of our customers, we offer a specialised tailor-made harpooning service. Our expertise and experience in the industry allow us to provide high-quality solutions, including electro-welded metal nailing.

World painting® certifications

With our gaze always directed towards the future, over the years, we have achieved significant certifications such as RINA ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – BS OHSAS 18001. Primarily for the protection of our clients, we have implemented the 231-management system.